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From Heart to Heart

Through our sincere and earnest manufacturing, every day we strive to bring products to our valued customers that leave a truly lasting impression.
Focusing on traditional beauty, we want to make full use of the rich handiwork of our craftsmen. While continuing to preserve the traditions synonymous with being an Imari Nabeshima pottery that can trace its history back to ancient times, we are constantly challenging the innovation and creation of new forms of Nabeshima-ware. At Hataman, we aim for a dedicated sense of craftsmanship that can be conveyed from creator to consumer, and from one heart to another.


Life as an Imari Nabeshima Pottery

In 1616, the Arita region of Saga Prefecture, became the birthplace of the first Japanese porcelain. Although Arita-ware became the generic name associated with the porcelain fired around the central point of Arita Town in Saga, shipping was based out of the port of Imari, thus it came to be called Imari-ware. From 1652, under the patronage of the Nabeshima clan, the highest-grade porcelain, or Nabeshima-ware was produced upon request at the kiln in Okawauchiyama, Imari manufacturing the finest offerings to the Shogunate and gifts to the feudal lords.


There is an exquisite dignity to be found in the form of our labour-heavy, time-consuming ceramic painting skills and Celadon porcelain techniques which generously make use of the finest quality raw materials. These have retained a thorough sense of the brand and crystallisation of the rules of design which in the world of decorated porcelain has been declared first-rate in Japan and become a true object of envy.


Challenges facing Hataman

Across this 400 years of history, not simply contenting ourselves with tradition, our pursuit is to be at the forefront of expression in porcelain with our advanced decorative techniques as its foundation. Maintaining our quality and the attitude that underpins the manufacturing of the craftsmen who went before us. Hataman, with the aspirations of the Nabeshima craftsmen as our model will send a new manufacturing story of innovation and creation out into the world.



Hataman Toen Ltd.

1820, Ookawachimachi-otsu, Imari, Saga, 848-0025, Japan.


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